Education4Knees Book Review – Blogcritics

Patricia Gale calls Education4Knees “…smart, upbeat and comprehensive” in her new review of Dr. Gregory M. Martin’s book for Blogcritics.  She gives readers an honest, in-depth review of the best DIY knee pain relief book out.

She writes:

“The book is as the title says: smart, upbeat, and comprehensive. It’s written in a no nonsense style, filled with refreshing candor for a doctor, with plenty of easy to follow tips, strategies, advice, and exercises. Dr. Martin’s approach is what you may well wish your own doctor took with you. Not only does he outline everything you didn’t even know you needed to know, and answer all the common questions, he has workable solutions, including simple lifestyle changes, that will help you feel less pain, have to take less medicine, move a lot more comfortably (and frequently), and possibly even avoid surgery altogether.”

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