5 Keys to Healthy Knees & Avoiding Surgery – Elephant Journal

Head over to Elephant Journal to check out Education4Knees author Dr. Gregory M. Martin‘s guest article, 5 Keys to Healthy Knees & Avoiding Surgery. Dr. Martin outlines the five key steps to achieve happy, healthy and pain-free knees:

  1. Make friends with your knees
  2. Eat and drink with your knees in mind
  3. Supplement your diet with glucosamine sulfate and turmeric
  4. Start moving, even baby steps
  5. Focus on the knees with dedicated exercises.

Be sure to read the full post and learn how to help get your knees in great shape. Following Dr. Martin’s advice may help some to delay, or even avoid the need for knee surgery – or in cases where surgery is necessary help to produce a better outcome.

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